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Drawing on extensive empirical data, our publications provide a comprehensive analysis of the drivers, impact and future direction of important trends in the area of Sustainability Indices.

Long-Termism: Index Impossible

In the second paper of their two-part series on long-termism, Kelly Tang, Director of Global Research & Design at S&P Dow Jones Indices, and Christopher Greenwald, Head of Sustainability Investing Research at RobecoSAM, discuss the metrics used to identify companies that embody long-termism and the methodology used to construct the S&P Long Term Value Creation Global Index.

Long-Termism Versus Short-Termism: Time for the Pendulum to Shift?

Though many in the investment community recognize the detrimental effects that a short-term mindset can have on future long-term growth, companies still face tremendous pressure from asset owners to deliver short-term results. In order to effect real change, a paradigm shift is needed. Christopher Greenwald, PhD, Head of Sustainability Investing Research at RobecoSAM, and Kelly Tang, CFA, Director of Global Research and Design at S&P Dow Jones Indices discuss how investors can facilitate a shift toward more long-term thinking throughout the investment value chain by incorporating long-term ESG metrics – and more specifically, Governance metrics – into corporate financial analysis.

Measuring Intangibles

The RobecoSAM White Paper “Measuring Intangibles” details the scoring methodology for the RobecoSAM Corporate Sustainability Assessment.

Do sustainable countries foster sustainable companies? A Nordic case study

It is clear that Nordic countries are above average in terms of sustainability - but can the same be said for companies from the region? The Nordics are well known for their welfare systems, advanced democracies and sustainability policies, but how do these national level programs influence corporate level practices.