The Dow Jones Sustainability Indices are based on RobecoSAM’s internationally recognized leading Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA) methodology.

Independent research has reaffirmed the robustness and relevance of RobecoSAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment methodology, which is the basis for the DJSI. In Rate the Raters, published in January 2014, the DJSI was once again identified as the most widely recognized sustainability rating/ranking. In addition, the DJSI continued to be ranked within the top three most credible sustainability ratings, according to organizations surveyed by SustainAbility, as was also the case in 2010 and 2012. The DJSI also came in first place for “having a positive impact on corporate sustainability performance ” which is a testament to the effectiveness of our methodology: by focusing on sustainability factors that are financially relevant for businesses, the DJSI also serves as an effective engagement tool for enhancing corporate sustainability.
The CSA provides companies with crucial insights into their sustainability performance since. all participating companies receive a RobecoSAM Company Benchmarking Scorecard comparing their sustainability performance against the global industry average and that of their industry peers. Many companies find that participating in the assessment leads to external recognition for their efforts and helps them identify ways to further improve their sustainability strategies.

In addition to the CSA scores being used as inputs for the various sustainability indices (DJSI & DJSI Diversified), RobecoSAM uses the CSA findings as research support and as one of the inputs in the research process leading to the selection and weighting of portfolio constituents of its own asset management business and that of its parent company Robeco. Data is also used to conduct empirical in-house research or in cooperation with academic institutions to measure the impact of corporate sustainability performance on financial performance.