Annual Review 2015

DJSI Annual Review 2015 - Results

The information contained in these documents reflects the composition of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices as of September 21, 2015 and does not reflect any changes as a result of corporate actions or Index Committee decisions.

The invited universe for the 2015 assessment can be found here.


To ensure quality and objectivity of the CSA, independent third party Deloitte conducts an external audit of the assessment process each year. You can download the Assurance Statement from Deloitte here.


Important Notice
DJSI constituent data will once again become available directly through the website. Index constituents for the September 2015 rebalancing will be available here as of Monday, September 14.
Index Clients can contact for additional information and inquiries.
Students can request access to historical components by filling out and submitting an academic request and an NDA which has been countersigned by their professor. To access the form, please click here. Due to enormous demand, support for Bachelor Level students and below is limited to the information available on this website.
Participants in the annual assessment with questions about the questionnaire, membership logo or updated contact details are kindly requested to contact the DJSI Helpline team at