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Academic Request to Obtain DJSI components

Please fill in the following request form. Every field must be answered; where indicated, the given range of number of words per field must be strictly followed.
Please note that this request, if accepted, entitles you to receive a list of components that make up the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (historical and current). Due to our confidentiality policy, we do not share any scores or sustainability data with third parties.

We require that all academic requests be submitted along with a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), which must be signed by yourself and your supervisor.

Additionally, we ask you to provide us with an electronic copy of the outcome of your research (e.g. Report, Article, Theses) upon its completion.

Please fax the NDA to +41 44 653 18 10 and send a scanned copy to Please print the Personal Code.

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Current year + first 3 letters of your university + first 3 letters of your last name. (ex. Gary Waters from Princeton University – 2012PRIWAT). This code will be used to link your submission with the signed NDA, which you will create below under your name on the NDA form.

Academic Request to obtain DJSI components

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